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Since 1986, Candela Corporation has set the standard for service, knowledge and distribution in the electrical wholesaling industry.

We offer over 100 different lines of lamps, ballasts and sockets, and a staff of highly trained personnel, equipped to provide personalized, flexible solutions. Our extensive technical knowledge enables us to respond quickly to even the most complex orders.

Delivery couldn't be easier, quicker or more efficient! Our stock is available and always close at hand, allowing us to deliver directly to you from our warehouses located in Irvine, CA, Norcross, GA, and Bethlehem, PA.

You'll find our mission simple: to provide the electrical distribution, specialty lighting, and OEM industries with a comprehensive range of lamps, ballasts and sockets, along with the very best possible service and attention to detail.

For more than two decades, we've provided just that -- customer after customer.

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